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The Confident CEO Circle


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A Virtual Learning & Support Community Dedicated to Your Success

​​Get a Grip on Your Business

Overwhelm and FOCUS are the most common complaints of business owners. For example, we cover which problems to tackle first, how to prioritize, time management best practices, effective decision-making.

Develop Deep Confidence

Your business success depends on your commitment, and confidence to lead. CEO School equips you to be an effective advocate for your company, gaining belief in your abilities in the process.

Skills That Last a Lifetime

Foundations are essential to build and grow every business. You will gain planning skills for every stage of your business, from long-range strategic planning to your day-to-day action plans.

Access to Experts

NO ONE is expert at everything. You'll learn when and how to hire an expert. And we introduce proven, talented women experts to help you delve deeper into legal matters, marketing, finance, all the issues that can create headaches.

Increase Your Success

Save time and $$ by creating and testing your business model with a Minimum Viable Product, Value Proposition, and Customer Personas.

​Serious About Business...and FUN

C3 (as we call it) may not be a "school" in the conventional sense, but we are serious about our businesses. And FUN is a core value. We NEED & enjoy the camaraderie and support from like-minded women, even with an occasional glass of vino!

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