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How Good a Juggler Are You?

Updated: Aug 9, 2018


There’s never enough, is there?

We all waste it, too, though we may not mean to.  Our distractions are many. Remember before Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest? Discipline can feel in short supply when other aspects of our business feel out of our control.

Women business owners are rarely obligated only to our company. Moms are the most time challenged. Whether you are dealing with parents as well as children, or just one generation, more responsibilities fall to women typically. 

With the same 24/7 everyone else is allotted, what are we to do? How do we get it all done?

First, we don’t get it “all done.” Not everything deserves to be done, at least not by us, and not right now.

We are constantly in prioritizing mode. Our priorities live on shifting sands, it seems. 

Without a clear idea of what you absolutely, positively MUST accomplish in your business to be “successful” this year (and YOU get to define what “success” means in your business), that constant adjusting and re-prioritizing can be exhausting. 

Here are some tactics to help mitigate your time and energy, and take a straighter path in your business. 

  1. When did you last check your company’s Vision for what it will look like in 3-5 years? That’s where you define your endgame for building a business you LOVE. Sometimes Vision statements need honing to keep your “success destination” up-to-date and still accurate. Having a CURRENT Vision in writing is critical because it is your ultimate destination. If that has changed but your other steps in planning have not, you’re going to find yourself in a world of hurt, chasing your tail. And that’s what we’re trying to stop!

  2. What does your business absolutely, positively HAVE to do this year to be successful? Now, limit that to 2 or 3 OBJECTIVES. A good test is to ask yourself: “If any one of these outcomes does NOT happen, will my business be successful this year?

  3. Each of those Objectives need to be broken down into component steps, how you get from here to there. Some will be very simple but most of the time, it requires that specific, measurable performance continue over time.

  4. If you keep all of these tools at your fingertips on a daily basis, they will help guide your actions when the phone starts ringing and you’re frustrated.

  5. Another tool to help you identify priorities is called “The Eisenhower Matrix,” after Former President General Dwight Eisenhower. It’s a simple decision-making tool that I adore. Grab your free copy here!

  6. Last but by no means least, find an accountability partner. Someone who’s also a business owner and needs a reminder sometimes as well, who you can call for a “reality check.” I know how it is on those days you feel like you just cannot make One. More. Decision. Reach out to a sister for a hand!

Remember, time management is a practice and a process. These suggestions are just starting places if you don’t have a process in place now. Over time, you’ll find what works best for your situation.

Meanwhile, be gentle with yourself. Perfection is not what we’re aiming for.

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