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Are You Focusing on the Right Things in Your Business?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

what keeps women business owners awake at night

This may be the most common business question that stymies my clients: am I focusing on the RIGHT things?

It isn’t that we don’t have PLENTY to do. Rather, THAT is the problem! Too many tasks chasing that most scarce of all resources: Time.

So is Time Management the solution? Maybe . . . but it’s not usually that simple.

It takes me back to my earliest days as a business owner. Not only had I brought 20 years experience from corporate but I’d been an executive for most of that, focused on strategy more than tactics or implementation. Sound familiar?

At first I felt alternately frantic and paralyzed. There was SO MUCH TO DO! And I was the only do-er at the outset.

It wasn’t until I figured out how to get clear that I was able to see and feel progress.

But that still didn’t resolve my feelings of overwhelm.

My ”success destination” was certainly clearer. (Does anyone else pray regularly for 'clarity' as I do?)

But my to-do list was still on fire. And my anxiety level was constantly on the rise.

I advise my clients to “work smarter, not harder.” So what was wrong with me?

That’s when I had to redefine just what “smarter” means.

I was doing all the “right” things. But like most entrepreneurs, I wanted everything done RIGHT NOW.

That’s when I figured out that “right” isn’t enough.

I needed to be doing the RIGHT things (not ALL the things)... the RIGHT time,

....and in the RIGHT order.

I needed a way to map out my business trajectory and prioritize what HAD to be done RIGHT NOW based on its impact on the future.

The other benefit: it helped keep me FOCUSED! (I have a bad case of "Shiny Toy Syndrome..." Does anyone else resemble that comment??)

I'll be sharing more in the weeks ahead about my journey, and how I finally resolved getting on (the RIGHT) track.

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