Frequently Asked Questions

Is CEO School for Women a DIY program, or will you hold my hand?

We DO have a DIY version of CEO School™ for people who prefer less structure, and who do not wish to be part of the Facebook Group, or participate in our regular Video Conferences... Having said that, first of all, I (Nancy Chorpenning) will be your primary educator. For 20 years I developed and published professional educational materials for physicians, both offline and online. (And I taught high school English for 2 years in Peace Corps in the 1990s.) Our focus is on skill-building. Unlike other programs out there, where the focus is on tactics and shiny toys, I truly understand business planning, models, sales & marketing, finance, staffing, and organization structures from a long career and deep study of best-of-class resources. AND I coach women every day on implementing their plans successfully. There is be a LOT of hand-holding and up-close work with me in the CEO School™ Emerging Growth Incubator program, and even more in the Accelerator. Like the kind I do for clients paying me $2500+ per month to work one-on-one. Let me say this: My goal is to " teach people to fish" so you learn to manage your business better on your own over time by developing skills, and pratcicing them in a safe environment. I will almost always first ask you “ What do YOU think you should do?” when you’re not sure how to approach a business issue. Or “ What outcome do you want from this, and how does it relate to your Vision, Mission, Strategies, and Annual Objectives?" if you're seeking guidance on a specific action, you can ask the community, or post it in our private group for input. I work with hard-working entrepreneurs who are committed to working ON their business, as well as working IN their business. A lot of your learning comes from practice, not just me telling you to do this or that. You see, my entire goal is to prepare you to problem-solve on your own, and grow in confidence as a business owner.

What format will CEO School lessons be given in (video, PDF, Calls, etc)?

The majority of the learning modules will be taught by me, Nancy Chorpenning, via video. I will often provide articles and recommend books or websites for more in-depth understanding. Some learning modules will work perfectly well as audios that you can listen to (as many times as you like) at your leisure. Others will really require you to watch the screen to fully understand what the heck I’m talking about. All of our Q&A video conferences will be recorded, and you’ll get immediate access to the replays in your private online portal. Finally, you’ll get 24/7 access to other materials like PDF worksheets, quizzes, templates and tools!

What kind of experience do I need in order to be successful in CEO School for Women™?

CEO School™ is for women who have already started their business and, ideally, who are in positive cash flow territory. Each member should begin with at least a draft of our "5-Step Practically Painless Business Plan." This is our free kit, and you are also eligible for a weekend online workshop to collaborate with others as you create your plan. If you don't have YOUR kit yet, request a free one by clicking here.

So how will this whole CEO School for Women™ Emerging Business Incubator thing work? Am I on my own with the learning modules? In the Facebook group?

Hell no! You will be my entire focus for the 12-week duration of each term of the Incubator. I'll be your primary instructor and coach, with selected experts joining as Guest Faculty. (The Growth Accelerator Program will have more encounters, including individual and in-person coaching.) Here’s how it’ll all go down:

  • Four Sundays a month, you’ll receive links to a learning module, its lessons & resources.
  • Each learning module video will be no more than 20 minutes, so you should be able to go through the materials in about an hour or two.
  • On 1st and 3rd Fridays at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT, we’ll jump on a video conference together. There, we'll hash out any questions you have, or challenges you’re facing. (If you can't make a call, you can always submit your questions in advance and you'll get an answer!)
  • Between conferences, you’re encouraged to come hang out with your peers and me in our private Facebook group, for asking any and all questions related to your business.

What would my CEO School time commitment be each week? How many hours/week do I need to set aside for it?

I recommend setting aside 1.5-2 hours each week to a) review the lessons, b) complete the assignments, and c) to apply your new skills in your business and d) share any questions that prompts. Also, we hold video conferences (about 60 minutes) every week or two. Some weeks you’ll spend more time chatting with me about applying the lesson to your business. Other weeks you may listen to the calls and say “yup, I’ve completely got this, no clarification needed.” My goal is for CEO School™ to offer you everything you need to successfully build a strong foundation for your business, establish and test the strongest business model for your Vision, and to begin getting a grip on finances for business owners, all in your first 12-week Term. In subsequent terms, we'll move on to work on your customers and clients, sales & marketing, creating and managing your team, and gaining serious momentum for growth. All the while, your confidence will grow!

How can I get a refund?

We have a 100% No-Questions-Asked Guarantee. If, at any time during the first two weeks of the program, you determine CEO School for Women™ isn't a good fit for you right now, you just let us know in writing, and we will refund your payment and cancel your subscription. However, I’d much rather help you figure out if CEO School is a good fit before you give me any money! So if you’re on the fence, send me a quick message here: and we’ll figure out if this program is perfect for you or not!

Why should I buy into the CEO School for Women™ instead of other programs out there?

First of all, CEO School is NOT RIGHT for everyone. We believe in the 3 Ds for Entrepreneurial Success: Diligence, Discipline, and Determination. If you're looking for quick fixes, "sales funnels," or "magic bullets," you won't find those here. CEO School covers important stuff that relates to your implementing and building a business that is successful. If you're still unsure after reviewing our website, please contact Nancy Chorpenning for a phone appointment to discuss your unique situation. ( CEO School is created specifically for women by women. There just ARE some differences to the way we women approach business. And we have capabilities that are not always emphasized in typical business structures. At CEO School, we understand what skills are essential to success, and we want you to succeed! Our programs are incredibly comprehensive. And we cover a lot more that the myriad separate programs you would have to select, sort through, and engage to cover our wide and practical proven curriculum. CEO School for Women™ has been expressly designed by a seasoned professional with many years' PRACTICAL experience, including +20 years as an executive, +10 years as a business advisor to women entrepreneurs, and graduate business education from one of the Top Business Schools in the U.S. (Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management) I designed our curriculum to teach skills you can use throughout your business life. We include the latest approaches to planning and building businesses, like 'lean business," and creating Customer Personas, getting clear on your Value Proposition, and testing a Minimum Viable product/service. And our offerings stay current with Best Practices. We also offer a standalone course "Conquering Fear of Finance," not to turn you into your own accountant, but to help you feel confident managing your business and the financial experts you hire.

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

If you still have questions about this program, please email us and we promise to respond promptly.

Does CEO School for Women™ cover my industry? What if I run a nonprofit?

In CEO School, we focus on learning fundamental skills that are practical in every industry and business. As long as you are building a BUSINESS rather than just a job for yourself, you will find what you need in our comprehensive curriculum. Nonprofits are business, too, and we have wonderful experts who will weigh in on specific issues common in NPOs.

How do I join?

Go to this page and click "JOIN NOW." A new page will pop up for you to read and click JOIN HERE NOW. Our next Term begins Saturday, January 25, 2020.

How long has CEO School for Women™ been around?

CEO School for Women™ launched in 2014 as a live, in-person program for business owners in Atlanta. We are launching this virtual and online veresion in 2018. To address the schedule challenges busy women face daily, I wanted a way to make the educational materials accessible 24/7. Also, it's easier to grab a couple of 1-hour video conferences during the month than the full-day we spent together. It permits capturing video content in the event you're not able to join live.

How often does CEO School for Women™ Enroll New Participants?

Our Curriculum is a year long, but the only hard-and-fast rule is that you must complete Term 1 FIRST. It is the Foundation for everything else you will learn, and without it you'll be lost. Because it is an annual program, it may be as long as a year between enrollment periods. Our Fall Term enrollment is for our Emerging Growth Incubator. We'll have an Growth Accelerator cohort opening this January, 2020.