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What Women Are Saying

Working ON Your Business

"Nancy helped me to focus on my business, even as I was starting out and feeling very overwhelmed. She taught me techniques and processes that allow me to see the bigger picture.

"My business grew from just myself to a team of 6 people in less than year, and having the support of other women who were going through the same thing made ALL the difference. I could let my guard down, ask for help, and have a circle of women who truly understood the effort it takes to succeed. Thank you, Nancy, for coaching me on how to work ON my business and not only IN it."

Strategic, Practical, Empathetic

"In one session, Nancy will get to the root of my issue, provide me with invaluable insight and recommendations, offer up referrals for other resources, and hold me accountable to healthy doses of self-care so that I can maintain the course. 


​"Her wisdom is vast, her compassion runs deep, and her knowledge is priceless. If you haven’t done so yet, work with her!!"

Learn, empower, support...

“So glad to be a part of the Tribe!


"Thank you, Nancy, for creating a space where professional women who are pursuing their dreams of careers that feed our souls as well as our pocketbooks, can come together, learn from, empower and support each other."

Building a Business Is a Lonely Endeavor

"Building a business is a lonely endeavor, and Nancy’s support has helped keep me going on many occasions. It’s so nice to have someone I can call when I’m discouraged or unsure of my next step.

"Nancy always has my back and reminds me why I’m doing all of this. And often she’s the one who asks just the right question to get me thinking in a new direction and get me over a hurdle.

Everyone needs a cheerleader, and having one with the business chops to also help you steer your business is a beautiful thing!"

Look Deeper - Strategic and Tactical

“As a business owner, I used to discuss business issues with employees and/or my spouse. Nancy’s leadership has allowed me to discuss strategic matters with other business owners. And I highly value Nancy Chorpenning’s business acumen that she shares generously."

Lillian DeAngelo, President, ProForma

Change isn't easy . . .

"Change isn't easy, but Nancy broke down the overwhelming process into manageable chunks. We have made great progress with Nancy's leadership and I look forward to continuing our process."

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