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​Meet Our Founder

Nancy Chorpenning
Nancy Chorpenning
Founder & Executive Director
My Manifesto

I stand for women who are serious about building and growing their own business.

Business was designed BY men, FOR men. Too often, its conventions exclude or devalue feminine gifts and approaches that may accomplish business goals as well,

if not better.

I want women to value themselves because of, not despite, their talents.

In my capacity as a business coach, I hold up a mirror before women entrepreneurs who are too hard on themselves, and tell them who and what I see, helping bring them into the authentic confidence they deserve to thrive and succeed.


More than a cheerleader,

I am a truth teller and tireless advocate.

Nancy Chorpenning Peace Corps Obaba Inaugural parade

Did I mention that I became a midlife Peace Corps Volunteer in my 40s? It was my first attempt at ejecting from Corporate America...

I served 2 years, teaching in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Here I am with my host family, and then representing PNG as part of the Peace Corps contingent in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC, in January 2009.

​Welcome to CEO School, fellow Entrepreneurs!

When I started my business 14 years ago, even my experiences having been a corporate executive in Fortune 500s like Time Warner and startups like WebMD, not to mention having attended one of the Top 5 graduate business schools in the US (Northwestern's Kellogg School), didn’t prepare me for the challenges I was about to encounter as a business owner.

And I couldn’t find a single place to learn what I needed to know.

A lot of the courses I stumbled upon were strictly tactical without context, or “touchy-feely,” and didn’t provide the practical business skills that I needed to learn and use. Many were just trying to sell me something that I really didn’t need or want... 

And none attracted my kind of serious business-minded women who — don’t get me wrong! — LOVE to have fun but who really want to buckle down and work, too. We find ways for work to BE fun!

So I built CEO School for Women™.

We’ve operated in-person since 2014. The skills members gained have had material impacts on their businesses, resulting in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars growth and savings. And deep relationships have formed. Most important, their peace of mind increased.

Now, we're moving online.

The time challenges of busy women owners convinced me to break our learning modules into “bite-sized chunks,” and make it 24/7 time-accessible for when YOU have the time. 

We use technology's cool solutions. You're invited into a private portal where all your learning modules reside. Multiple “touches” during the month make for an interactive and responsive experience that has immediate impact as you implement new learnings. So you get multiple sanctums to support you in CEO School.

But this may be our true Super Power: creating community. You'll be part of a sisterhood of wise women entrepreneurs from whom you'll learn and share your wisdom. Never fear, every member signs a confidentiality agreement so you can feel confident discussing your business challenges.


Plus, you'll get the benefit of being personally guided by a business advisor, coach, and mentor (me!), without the expense of a private coach.

CEO School for Women™  is what I needed when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. I'm confident you’ll find something here that you’re looking for, too.

You don't have to go it alone!

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